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"Have you had the misfortune of suffering a snowboarding related injury? Are you going snowboarding for the first time? Want the confidence to try all those cool new tricks you've seen the pros do in the magazines?"

Preventing a fall or possible injury means wearing the necessary snowboard protection. Also, take the needed steps to improve your skills & performance. Take lessons, get plenty of sleep, and don't snowboard when you're tired.

Each year, there are in excess of 150,000 injuries and dozens of deaths related to skiing and snowboarding combined, according to Jeffrey Hadley, Ph.D., an epidemiologist with the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a former Ski Instructor.

Here are some of the most common reasons for snowboarding injuries:

  • Lack of necessary skills
  • Muscle fatigue, a.k.a., “leg burn”
  • Tiredness or sleepiness
  • Alcohol intoxication or a hangover
  • Poor visibility or blizzard conditions
  • Dull edges on hard snow conditions
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Snowboarding too fast, relative to your ability
  • Encountering moguls or small bumps
  • Hard, icy, and other poor snow conditions
  • Not wearing proper snowboard protection

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November 10, 2010
12:15 P.M.

Hey Riders,

Welcome back to the 2010 - 2011 Snowboard Season.

Whether your snowboarding for the first time, attempting a new trick or trying to step up your riding to the next level, injury prevention must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, there is always a painful price to pay everytime you catch your back side edge, miss a landing and smash your tailbone,buttocks,hips and more.

Back in 1997, I was racing Boardercross™ at Blackcomb Mountain and had the unfortunate experience of missing a landing and kissing a patch of ice. I fell hard on my butt and fractured my tailbone wearing a competitors snowboard protection, which was thin and flimsy. I was out of action for months, not to mention the remainder of that season.

During my rehabilitation, I researched protective tailbone and hip protection that would withstand heavy impact. There were none (and still none) that incorporated molded 1/2" high impact foam for both the tailbone and hipbone areas that did not have gaps between the pads. Just well designed ergonmic crush lines for unmatched protection. None until two years later after countless painstaking hours at the boardroom before the final performance engineered piece was completed.

I don't want ANYONE to go through the pain that I went through....Not only the physical pain, but the pain of not being able to enjoy my favorite sport.

The Next Generation in Snowboard Protection

Don't Risk Injury
Molded ergonomic padding - 1/2" high impact closed celled foam construction to pad against unexpected falls.

Maximize your Safety
Neoprene flexfit velcro waist and thigh straps for a perfect fit every time. Full coverage of taibone and hip bone areas.

Ride with Confidence
Step up your riding. Peace of mind that gives you the security you need to maximize your abilities.

Stay Dry and Warm Too!!
Technical body armor design. Breathable pro mesh liner.

Butt Gear Using the latest manufacturing technologies available today, Butt Gear is designed for maximum shock absorbtion. Its advanced design provides warmth and flexibility and is one of this year's best new products.

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At Tucker Sports Products we take snowboard protection very seriously. We use only the finest materials and manufacturing technology to bring you the safest snowboard protection on the planet. The technical fabrics and composite materials that we manufacture do not retain moisture and keep athletes riding in comfort.

If you want to become serious about snowboarding and have more fun, you'll want snowboard protection so you can experience a long and enjoyable season of safe snowboarding. Nothing is worse than having your season cut short because of a preventable injury. Trust me, I know....


Some other Snowboard Protection that you may want to consider include helmets, Tucker wrist guards, Tucker back protection, Tucker kidney and rib Protection, knee supports, and possibly an ankle brace if prior damage has occured. There are many great products available on the market right now that will guard against wrist, head and leg injuries....but what about your hips,buttocks and tailbone??

There is other Snowboard Protection out there that offer tailbone and hip protection but do they completely cover your tailbone ,buttocks and hips? Do they give technical details regarding their protection and are they comfortable? Are they breathable. Do their fabrics retain moisture? That's when Tucker Sports Products decided to manufacture Butt Gear Protection. Butt Gear would have definitely protected me from the fall that I had back in 1997.


Made from molded high impact foam, neoprene and lycra, Butt Gear is protective snowboarding gear that is lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable to wear. It's cutting edge fabrics and materials make it breathable, water proof and durable. No other hip and tailbone protector offers a fully covered buttock design and impact resistant solution for a safe and fun snowboarding experience.

"The Butt Gear is really great. I wish I had this product when I was learning how to snowboard. My learning experience would have been more pleasant. Anyway, I thought I would drop you a line and tell you how much I liked the gear!!"

- Tony Mabe

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Using today's latest in form fitted foam technology, Butt Gear weighs less than half a pound and fits comfortably - without restricting your movement. Wearing protective gear that does not allow you full mobility can be even more dangerous that not wearing any protection at all. Butt Gear is flexible, lightweight ergonomic design offers maximum comfort and maximum protection for a safe and fun snowboarding experience!


Butt Gear comes in five different sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large). Our adjustable velcro straps provide a custom fit and breathability around your waist and thighs. Putting Butt Gear on is as easy as 1-2-3!!

Both Mens and Women Butt Gear sizes available.


Mens Sizes xs sm med lg xl xxl
Waist (inches) 22"-24" 24"-28" 28"-32" 32"-36" 36"-40" 40" +
Hips (inches) 26" + 30" + 32" + 35" + 38" + 45" +
Women Sizes 3-6 8 10 12 14 14 +
Waist (inches) 22"-26" 25"-28"


28"-32" 30"-33" 33" +
Hips (inches) 28" + 30" + 34" + 36" + 37" + 39" +

*Custom sizes available at no extra charge*


"Built Tucker Tough", using the finest available materials and technology to manufacture Butt Gear. As always, all our products have been torture tested by industry professionals to insure a long lasting and durable product that you can enjoy every time your out on your favorite mountain.

"JJ, I just came back from my ski trip to Bogus Basin ID. The conditions were packed and icy (it snowed the last two days I was there, but only a couple of inches). The Butt Gear really helped! Even though I was better balanced this year, the ice made carving a little hard and the "death cookies" under the power made non-groomed runs nearly impossible for me. So I took a few falls.... I came back home with no lower end damage with the help of Butt Gear!"

- Mike Danagher

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Catching your breath after a long run or riding the chairlift? Enjoy, takeing a seat in the snow while waiting for a friend or riding a lift without freezing your butt off. Photographers and instructors take note that Butt Gear can act as a warm seat cushion too! Our unique ergonomic design is breathable and water proof so you can enjoy your day on the slopes without worrying about a cold wet back side. Butt Gear makes Snowboarding More Fun.

"Thanks so much for saving my ass! I used the Butt Gear for a couple of days in Colorado and it saved not only my booty, but also my arms, since I was no longer trying to stop skidding downhill. I was amazed that the velcro held, too. Great productl!"

- Elizabeth Rothkopf



Butt Gear is a revolutionary new product that is sure to allow you to enjoy every minute of snowboarding this season. Have fun and protect yourself. Snowboarding is a dangerous sport and you should not take your health for granted. Gear up with the proper safety equipment and enjoy your snowboarding experience to the fullest. Butt Gear = Confidence + Safety + FUN!!!

"J.J., You are the MAN! The Butt Gear saved me BIG TIME! Saturday was my first time out and I was horrible. I'm sure you remember that day. Caught my back edge a couple of times and WHAM! The Butt Gear prevented any injury to the precious backside as you said it would. I am incredibly impressed, and here to say that that $70 bucks was money well spent. I am recommending the Butt Gear to everybody!"

- Mario Fialho


Purchase Butt Gear before and we'll take over 30% OFF the regular manufacturer suggested retail price. We normally sell Butt Gear for $129 but if you act now, we are offering Tucker Butt Gear for only $89!!


Butt Gear is absolutely the best product of it's kind on the market and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. What are you waiting for? Ride with Butt Gear....Ride with Confidence!!

This offer ends , so place your today to ensure perfect sizing.

There are 3 easy ways to order:

  1. Using our secure online server.
  2. Call our 24-hour Order Line at 604-727-8647
  3. Mail or Fax your order using our offline order form.

Butt Gear is usually shipped the same day by Express Air with a tracking number. Take advantage of our limited time special offer and fully enjoy the upcoming snowboarding season.

"Thank you very much for shipping this product to me soo fast. I don't find customer service like this anymore! My rump thanx
you in advance.

- Rick Stranix

If you've been injured before, you'll know how valuable this piece of equipment can be.

Take if from me, don't wait and order now and save yourself from missing out on this seasons boarding fun.


JJ Kalns
Professional Rider

PS. If you place your order right now, we'll even throw in RUSH shipping!!! Don't delay and put your order in before your size is gone.



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